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International Year of Pulses


CICILS, the international pulse trade and industry confederation, met in South Africa May 3-9.  Emerging is very pleased to be acting as the project management office for CICILS celebrations of the International Year of Pulses. Here are a few of the highlights:

–      600 registrants talked about the upcoming year

–      Over 60 great ideas were provided for activities to promote the International Year of Pulses

–      43 people from 24 countries joined the national committees meeting to talk about how to get ready for the Year in their countries

–      $1.74 million has been committed to a combination of the CICILS’ budget for International Year of Pulses and the Members Fund, including Saskatchewan Pulse Growers commitment of $250,000 to CICILS work to co-ordinate activities on the International Year

– was launched

–      In total, there were 27 hours of meetings on the international year, over the course of five days.  That is a lot of dedication