Robynne Anderson's Emerging Thoughts on Ag

Emerging Assists Oat Growers with Outreach in Ottawa

POGA Delegation to Ottawa

(l to r) Jarrod Firlotte, Emerson Milling; Real Tetrault, Emerson Milling; William Winsnes, POGA; Shelanne Wiles-Longley, POGA; Art Enns, POGA; Robynne Anderson, Emerging Ag; Bob Lepischak, POGA; Elroy Trithardt, POGA.

On February 23rd and 24th, Emerging Ag assisted POGA with an outreach trip to Ottawa to follow up with their Canada Transportation Act Review submission. In our efforts to draw attention to the transportation issues faced by Oat farmers across Canada, we met with MPs from all three major parties, including Bev Shipley, Malcolm Allen, David McGuinty and Gerald Keddy. These meetings were both an excellent opportunity to discuss our concerns with parliamentarians deeply involved in the grain transportation situation, but also to establish relationships that POGA can utilize going forward.

We also met with many people within Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and had the opportunity to have dinner with representatives from both CN and CP, where we had a productive and honest conversation. We hope that the meetings become the stepping stone for POGA’s continued part of the larger transportation conversation, and that the relationships formed during the trip will serve POGA well in future.