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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Rural Women’s Education

There is a pressing need for general education for women in developing countries. Education for women has a lagged behind in many countries, and there is evidence that literacy rates for rural women are even lower than their urban counterparts. For instance, in Bangladesh, the adult literacy rate for rural women is only 36.2 percent, […]

Women Farmers

Women make crucial contributions to the agricultural sector as farmers, fishers, livestock keepers, farm labourers and primary processing. An average 43 percent of the agricultural labour force in developing countries are women, ranging from about 20 percent in the Americas to almost 50 percent in East and Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Rio +20 Key News

Here are some key deadlines and dates for the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development: Rio+20 Conference: 20-22 June Thematic days: 16-19 June PrepCom: 13-15 June March Intersessional Informal negotiations will occur from March 19-23. Major Groups may only observe at these meetings and will not be allowed to speak from the floor. The intersessional will […]

Women in Agriculture

As the UN is about to talk about Rural Women for the first time from February 27-March 9, it is important to remember how feminine the face of global farming is. In Canada, farming is largely a male domain, but in places like Africa and Asia it is a very different picture. As we contemplate […]