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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Think. Eat. Save.

A global campaign has been launched to reduce food waste. Think. Eat. Save. is designed to encourage people to reduce food waste. 900 million people could be fed with the food that is wasted – equivalent to the number of hungry globally. A recent study has revealed that about one third of all food production […]

Women’s Work is Never Done

The saying that women’s work is never done has never been shown to be as true as in the case of women farmers. African women do 80% of the farm work – including collecting water and firewood, preparing and cooking meals, processing and storing food and making household purchases. A study in Africa found that […]

Protein SuperPower

Using an analogy to Saudi Arabia’s commanding role in the oil sector, Charles Elworthy of Craigmore Research calls New Zealand a “protein superpower”. With a population of 4 million people, New Zealand produces enough food to feed 100 million people. Specifically, New Zealand produces 35% of international wholesale trade in milk and 65% in sheep […]