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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Farming First’s Top Ten

Farming First has released a list of Ten Must-See Farming First Videos of 2014 that have gone behind the scenes at food and agriculture conferences throughout the year to bring exclusive expert interviews that dig deeper into the issues facing global food security and development. The must-see topics of the videos include: Rose Akaki speaks […]

Manyinga Working Group Sets Goals for the Next Three Years

Committee members Allan and Myrna Ronald hosting a meeting of the Manyinga Working Group on Wednesday evening, at which the goals and budgets for the next three years were the topic of conversation. The project is entering a period of transition, with ongoing negotiations with the Zambian government to assume responsibility for the funding of […]

A Small Investment Today, Returns for a Lifetime

Emerging and myself have been blessed to be involved in the Manyinga Project, supporting two schools built to meet the needs of orphan and vulnerable children at Chinema and Samafunda, small villages in the Manyinga region of Zambia that has been devastated by multiple public health challenges and the grinding reality of poverty. The two […]

Are Views on GMOs Changing?

Brooke Borel asks that very question in this post on Popular Science about a recent sold out Oxford-style debate on GMOs hosted by Intelligence Squared U.S. in New York. It is exciting to see what good debate can do and with the discussion and the movement in the audience it seems like it is possible […]

Moving Oats

“Cautiously optimistic” is how Jim McCarthy, President and CEO of the North American Millers Association, described the sentiments of the oat millers following the difficult year in 2013-14 when US processors were unable to get to Canadian oats. In a panel moderated by Robynne Anderson, the long term impacts on the oat business were discussed. […]

Farming First Infographic Highlights Africa’s Agricultural Potential

There is an excellent infographic up on Farming First’s website currently that showcases a lot of the issues facing African farmers – and how those problems represent the opportunity for growth. It’s an excellent resource that’s well-sourced and highly informative. You can find it here.