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Monthly Archives: June 2014

International Conference on Nutrition

The Emerging team was proud to help co-ordinate the engagement of the private sector mechanism at a meeting in Rome on the International Conference on Nutrition.  Please visit for more information on our engagement and see Ann Stennsland’s excellent update.

Innovation in Agriculture

The Senate on Innovation in Agriculture has tabled its report on Innovation in Agriculture.  It opens with a quote from Art Enns, Manitoba farmer and a President of the Prairie Oat Grower Association. “Farmers are constantly being challenged to find new solutions to new problems. The challenges faced by the farmer in the future will […]

Bill C-30 Passes Through Senate, Receives Royal Assent

On May 29th, Bill C-30, also known as the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act, finally received royal assent. Though the bill took longer to pass through parliament than initially hoped, we are happy to see this response to the grain transportation crisis become Canadian law. We were excited to work with POGA on their […]