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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Howard G. Buffett Foundation, together with the World Food Prize Foundation, funds program to recognize under-40 Global Leaders

The 40 Chances Fellowship Program will fund four Fellows with the most innovative social enterprise plans that incorporate principles from the book

Reform in the Area of Women’s Land Rights (India)

A recent survey by International Land Coalition(ILC) member Landese shows that reform in the area of women’s land rights has had little impact for rural women in India. Eight years ago, India granted women equal rights to inherit land from their parents, but surveyed women from across three Indian states(Andra Pradesh, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh) […]

USDA’s Food Loss Report

The USDA released their report on how much food is lost at retail and consumer levels last week. In it, it is estimated that 133 billion pounds of the total 430 billion pounds of food in the total available American food supply went uneaten. This includes loss from mold, cooking loss, inadequate climate control, or […]

Soil Management in Global Spotlight

On March 13th, the UN Global Compact will be hosting the Principles for Sustainable Soil Management meeting in Bonn, Germany. It will develop principles aimed at addressing soil health and will be based on the Food and Agriculture Business Principles. It is a bold move to create specialized rules for soil management to which companies […]

Women Farmers: A Means To Sustainable Food Security

My friend Rose Adongo, a smallholder farmer and member of the Uganda National Farmers Federation presented at the Economist conference on global agriculture February 13th in London. Here is her presentation:

Canadian Government acts to get grain moving in Western Canada

Today the Ministers Ritz and Raitt announced an Order in Council which will take effect immediately, setting weekly minimums of grain that the rails must move. CN and CP will each be responsible for moving 500,000 tonnes of western grain each week, or else face daily fines of up to $100,000. There will be a […]

Grain Transportation Problem

The grain transportation problem in Canada continues to harm sales and is racking up big costs for farmers. The CBC focused an edition of Power and Politics on this situation: watch the video here. An announcement is expected by the government Friday March 7, 2014.